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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondayDT337Menongue Airport (AO)05:00
MondayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
MondayDT579Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)08:50
MondayDT577OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
MondayDT130Soyo Airport (AO)10:08
MondayDT573Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)10:35
MondayDT564Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)11:40
MondayDT542Maya Maya Airport (CG)13:30
MondayDT652Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)13:40
MondayDT461Lubango Airport (AO)18:35
MondayDT443Catumbela Airport (AO)19:10
MondayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
MondayDT575OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:40
MondayDT747Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)23:40
TuesdayDT650Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)00:05
TuesdayDT5290Libreville Airport (GA)04:30
TuesdayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
TuesdayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
TuesdayDT441Catumbela Airport (AO)06:45
TuesdayDT577OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
TuesdayDT230Saurimo Airport (AO)09:50
TuesdayDT220Dundo Airport (AO)09:50
TuesdayDT573Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)10:35
TuesdayDT240Luena Airport (AO)11:10
TuesdayDT652Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)13:40
TuesdayDT470Ngiva Airport (AO)14:30
TuesdayDT122Cabinda Airport (AO)14:55
TuesdayDT453Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)16:10
TuesdayDT461Lubango Airport (AO)18:35
TuesdayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
TuesdayDT575OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:40
WednesdayDT650Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)00:05
WednesdayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
WednesdayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
WednesdayDT441Catumbela Airport (AO)06:45
WednesdayDT579Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)08:50
WednesdayDT577OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
WednesdayDT230Saurimo Airport (AO)09:50
WednesdayDT581Maputo Airport (MZ)10:00
WednesdayDT130Soyo Airport (AO)10:08
WednesdayDT573Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)10:35
WednesdayDT587Harare International Airport (ZW)13:30
WednesdayDT652Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)13:40
WednesdayDT122Cabinda Airport (AO)14:55
WednesdayDT461Lubango Airport (AO)18:35
WednesdayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
WednesdayDT654Porto Airport (PT)22:40
WednesdayDT502Sao Tome Island Airport (ST)23:00
WednesdayDT747Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)23:40
ThursdayDT650Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)00:05
ThursdayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
ThursdayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
ThursdayDT577OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
ThursdayDT130Soyo Airport (AO)10:08
ThursdayDT571Lubango Airport (AO)10:10
ThursdayDT240Luena Airport (AO)11:10
ThursdayDT470Ngiva Airport (AO)14:30
ThursdayDT453Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)16:10
ThursdayDT443Catumbela Airport (AO)19:10
ThursdayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
ThursdayDT575OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)20:40
FridayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
FridayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
FridayDT441Catumbela Airport (AO)06:45
FridayDT579Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)08:50
FridayDT577OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:30
FridayDT220Dundo Airport (AO)09:40
FridayDT581Maputo Airport (MZ)10:00
FridayDT130Soyo Airport (AO)10:08
FridayDT338Kuito Airport (AO)13:30
FridayDT122Cabinda Airport (AO)14:55
FridayDT461Lubango Airport (AO)18:35
FridayDT443Catumbela Airport (AO)19:10
FridayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
SaturdayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
SaturdayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
SaturdayDT441Catumbela Airport (AO)06:45
SaturdayDT230Saurimo Airport (AO)09:50
SaturdayDT571Lubango Airport (AO)10:10
SaturdayDT240Luena Airport (AO)11:10
SaturdayDT122Cabinda Airport (AO)14:55
SaturdayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
SundayDT120Cabinda Airport (AO)05:50
SundayDT311Huambo Airport (AO)06:00
SundayDT441Catumbela Airport (AO)06:55
SundayDT220Dundo Airport (AO)09:40
SundayDT130Soyo Airport (AO)10:08
SundayDT470Ngiva Airport (AO)14:30
SundayDT453Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)16:10
SundayDT461Lubango Airport (AO)18:35
SundayDT443Catumbela Airport (AO)19:10
SundayDT126Cabinda Airport (AO)19:20
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayDT576OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:41
MondayDT121Cabinda Airport (AO)08:20
MondayDT337Kuito Airport (AO)09:15
MondayDT651Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)18:45
MondayDT131Soyo Airport (AO)12:11
MondayDT503Sao Tome Island Airport (ST)15:39
MondayDT565Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)18:20
MondayDT580Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)19:10
MondayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:55
MondayDT574Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)17:50
MondayDT542N'djili Airport (CD)17:50
MondayDT748Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)06:43
MondayDT462Lubango Airport (AO)21:35
MondayDT444Catumbela Airport (AO)21:30
MondayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
MondayDT653Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)07:20
TuesdayDT576OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:41
TuesdayDT121Cabinda Airport (AO)08:20
TuesdayDT312Huambo Airport (AO)08:40
TuesdayDT442Catumbela Airport (AO)09:15
TuesdayDT651Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)18:38
TuesdayDT231Saurimo Airport (AO)13:40
TuesdayDT221Dundo Airport (AO)13:20
TuesdayDT241Luena Airport (AO)14:14
TuesdayDT123Cabinda Airport (AO)17:15
TuesdayDT574Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)17:50
TuesdayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:57
TuesdayDT471Ngiva Airport (AO)18:00
TuesdayDT454Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)19:10
TuesdayDT748Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)06:25
TuesdayDT462Lubango Airport (AO)21:25
TuesdayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:20
TuesdayDT653Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)07:20
WednesdayDT576OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
WednesdayDT121Cabinda Airport (AO)08:20
WednesdayDT312Huambo Airport (AO)08:40
WednesdayDT442Catumbela Airport (AO)09:15
WednesdayDT651Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)19:20
WednesdayDT131Soyo Airport (AO)12:11
WednesdayDT231Saurimo Airport (AO)13:10
WednesdayDT580Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)19:10
WednesdayDT123Cabinda Airport (AO)17:15
WednesdayDT574Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)17:50
WednesdayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:55
WednesdayDT582Maputo Airport (MZ)19:40
WednesdayDT748Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)06:25
WednesdayDT587Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)21:24
WednesdayDT462Lubango Airport (AO)21:35
WednesdayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
WednesdayDT655Porto Airport (PT)05:36
WednesdayDT653Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)07:52
ThursdayDT473Catumbela Airport (AO)12:01
ThursdayDT651Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)19:50
ThursdayDT131Soyo Airport (AO)12:11
ThursdayDT748Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)23:46
ThursdayDT241Luena Airport (AO)14:30
ThursdayDT503Sao Tome Island Airport (ST)16:10
ThursdayDT7231Saurimo Airport (AO)15:30
ThursdayDT471Ngiva Airport (AO)18:00
ThursdayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)19:34
ThursdayDT572Lubango Airport (AO)17:50
ThursdayDT454Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)19:10
ThursdayDT444Catumbela Airport (AO)21:30
ThursdayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
ThursdayDT653Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)07:49
FridayDT576OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:40
FridayDT442Catumbela Airport (AO)09:15
FridayDT651Lisbon H. Delgado Airport (PT)17:46
FridayDT131Soyo Airport (AO)12:11
FridayDT221Dundo Airport (AO)13:10
FridayDT565Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)18:20
FridayDT338Menongue Airport (AO)17:40
FridayDT580Cape Town Int. Airport (ZA)19:10
FridayDT123Cabinda Airport (AO)17:15
FridayDT574Hosea Kutako Int. Airport (NA)17:50
FridayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:55
FridayDT582Maputo Airport (MZ)19:40
FridayDT748Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)06:25
FridayDT462Lubango Airport (AO)21:35
FridayDT444Catumbela Airport (AO)21:30
FridayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
SaturdayDT312Huambo Airport (AO)08:44
SaturdayDT442Catumbela Airport (AO)09:15
SaturdayDT231Saurimo Airport (AO)13:10
SaturdayDT655Porto Airport (PT)21:20
SaturdayDT241Luena Airport (AO)14:30
SaturdayDT123Cabinda Airport (AO)17:15
SaturdayDT578OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:55
SaturdayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
SundayDT121Cabinda Airport (AO)08:30
SundayDT312Huambo Airport (AO)08:40
SundayDT442Catumbela Airport (AO)09:00
SundayDT131Soyo Airport (AO)12:31
SundayDT221Dundo Airport (AO)13:20
SundayDT473Catumbela Airport (AO)16:01
SundayDT123Cabinda (AO)17:00
SundayDT471Ngiva Airport (AO)18:00
SundayDT454Yuri Gagarin Airport (AO)19:10
SundayDT7481Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Int. Airport (BR)06:25
SundayDT462Lubango Airport (AO)21:35
SundayDT444Catumbela Airport (AO)21:30
SundayDT127Cabinda Airport (AO)21:40
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
DT121 on 03/2020
DT312 on 03/2020
DT442 on 03/2020
DT121 on 03/2020
DT312 on 03/2020
DT312 on 03/2020
DT121 on 03/2020
DT312 on 03/2020
DT221 on 03/2020
DT121 on 03/2020
DT442 on 03/2020
DT131 on 02/2020
DT221 on 02/2020
DT312 on 02/2020
DT121 on 02/2020
DT442 on 02/2020
DT442 on 02/2020
DT121 on 02/2020
DT312 on 02/2020
DT121 on 02/2020
DT121 on 02/2020
DT312 on 02/2020
DT312 on 02/2020
DT312 on 02/2020
DT442 on 02/2020
DT442 on 01/2020
DT312 on 01/2020
DT121 on 01/2020
DT312 on 01/2020
DT442 on 01/2020

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